Daring, Different: Paper Darts, Vol. 6

Paper Darts, Vol. 6 with open artbook

I picked up a copy of Paper Darts, Vol. 6, at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference in late winter this year. I didn’t have the money to buy every book, magazine, or journal that looked appealing (alas!), so I thought twice about my purchases. When I stumbled upon the Paper Darts booth, I was tired by the long day. But the bright colors and obvious sense of design drew me in. Continue reading “Daring, Different: Paper Darts, Vol. 6”

Excerpts from Newly Discovered Texts on the City of Kalm

Stories from Journey... History Texts on the City of Kalm

“Stories from Wlud” is a recurring segment of works set in the same universe as my epic fantasy-adventure story: Journey.

A cadre of daring librarians of the Lesser Library have returned from an excursion into its fathomless depths and brought forth hitherto unseen works. What follows is a collected reproduction from a variety of manuscripts that give us greater insight into the early days of the ancient city of Kalm. Continue reading “Excerpts from Newly Discovered Texts on the City of Kalm”