Daring, Different: Paper Darts, Vol. 6

Paper Darts, Vol. 6 with open artbook

I picked up a copy of Paper Darts, Vol. 6, at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs Conference in late winter this year. I didn’t have the money to buy every book, magazine, or journal that looked appealing (alas!), so I thought twice about my purchases. When I stumbled upon the Paper Darts booth, I was tired by the long day. But the bright colors and obvious sense of design drew me in. Continue reading “Daring, Different: Paper Darts, Vol. 6”

Where Instagram & Poetry Meet

ee cummings poetry quote

I recently joined Instagram. I joined for no special reason, though I can see the circumstances leading it up to it clearer with some distance. Firstly, it was on the tail of my sister starting her small business in fiber arts and aromatherapy. I’ve also been involved in community outreach at work, which has incorporated social media. And a number of the student employees that I work with are active on a variety of social media platforms.

quote from persephone rebornSo I joined with little ambition. I’m not a very good photographer. I don’t like sharing photos of myself, friends, or family with the world. But I did find something I like doing…

I started using my (limited) graphic design skills to highlight some of my poetry. When I ran out of my own poetry, I found other people’s poetry to use–like Ocean Vuong, and William Carlos Williams.

I’ve tried to publish twice a day, Monday through Friday. It’s a fairly demanding schedule, but it’s been forcing me to broaden my poetry horizons. That benefit alone makes this side project worthwhile to me.

If you’re feeling in the mood for some lovely words set to lovely pictures, check out my Instagram feed and leave a like.