A Little Nebari For Your Day

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As you know, I have a passing interest in bonsai. One aspect of bonsai is the nebari, which is the exposed roots of a tree. I love a good, mossy nebari. Well, I haven’t done much with bonsai recently, but I was on a walk last week and saw a natural root structure that I just couldn’t resist photographing!

A mighty, moss tree root with a sprig of green growth. This is a close up of the moss and the texture of the bark.
A different angle of the tree root.

So mossy, so craggly! And one cute little sprig of green popping up–it was such a perfect contrast of new growth and old.

If you’re now in the mood for something thoughtful, read this lovely poem called Birds Punctuate the Days by Joyce Clement. Sip your coffee, look out the window, appreciate the beauty in your day.

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