Writing Resolutions 2017

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My writing resolutions for this year are focused on building my sense of community and narrowing my aspirations into concrete, achievable goals. To this end, I’ve decided on four big objectives that should help me turn dreams into reality!

Writing Resolutions 2017

1. Join a local writing group

I’d like to join a writing group to meet the local writing community as well as improve my craft. So far, I’ve found a couple active groups that work on fiction, and I think might be a good fit. However, I need to prepare some work in order to join. So that’s the next step.

2. Find a critique partner

It would be great to connect with a person or two who would be willing to provide feedback outside of a writing group.

3. Complete the first draft of Journey

I introduced Journey as my NaNoWriMo project of 2016. It did not get completed last year, but this is a story that just won’t let me go.

4. Have a monthly submission day

Pick one day a month to send out submissions for publication. I can’t get published (and maybe even make money off my work) if I’m not sending anything out! So this is a critical part of reaching my goal to have a writing career. Right now, my most polished work is my poetry, but in the future I’d love to have some fiction or nonfiction to send out.


That’s it! Those are my objectives for 2017. Do you have any writing resolutions for 2017? Share them with me!

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