Submit x 100 Challenge

It’s no secret that I would love to not just see my work in print, but to get paid for it. To me, publication and payment means I’ve achieved a level of professional quality in my writing that I’ve been working hard toward for a long time. To help myself reach that goal, I’m challenging myself to submit my work 100 times.

Two things have inspired me to do this. First is the One Hundred Credits Club (a group in Scribophile). The club’s goal is to “share our triumphs and trials, tips and hints and lessons learned along the way, as we all strive to reach one hundred publishing credits.” I like the lofty goal they’ve set, but I’m altering their mission for my own purposes. I think just hitting that button will be enough to get me started.

My second source of inspiration is the Hit Submit challenge, which I heard about a few years back (can’t remember where, anymore). This one day challenge asked writers to get together, pull out their laptops, and submit to a literary magazine. I think that is such a great idea, because publishing is an important goal for many (but not all!) writers, and it’s one that can be overlooked by writing groups.

So I’m planning to hit submit 100 times over the next year. And like a fisher sending out 100 lines, I’m hoping that something catches, and will turn my aspiration for publication into a reality. I’ve added a progress bar to the side of the blog so that you can follow along as I go. I’ll also try to post updates and share my thoughts on the process.

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    1. Thanks, Dad! I’ve got some poetry to send out right now, and I’m planning on sending out a short story following some revisions. I’d also like to do some flash fiction, too. A friend of mine has had some success with flash fiction.

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