Sharing Some Short Form Poetry

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I’ve been experimenting with short form poetry. I’ve been sharing these pieces on the blog here, with some rare exceptions that I’ve sent out for potential publication.

I’ve really enjoyed the short form as a way to quickly and creatively distill my day. They can be written without much fuss, while otherwise pinned down but not mentally occupied (and babies, while certainly challenging, aren’t exactly complicated creatures).

For most of these, I’m not pursuing formal publication, though there are good and paying places to get your short form work published. Here’s a few reasons why.

First, it seems to me that the typical thing for a writer to do on their blog is share writing tips, tricks and how tos. But frankly, I feel that there are people with more experience and authority doing it better than I could. So sharing some of my poetry here seems like a good way to add value to the blog and it doesn’t a big time commitment to create. I don’t know if you know this, but I have a lot less time recently.

Speaking of time, the second reason is that the point of these poems isn’t to sink a lot of time into them. I have other poems that I work on and edit. These are more of a one-and-done kind of thing.

Third, I’ve taken an interest in more formal poetry in general–the kind that follows prescribed form, meter and rhyming. Historically, I’ve steered clear of that. I’ve always struggled a bit with those things, and tended to find rhyming poetry childish. Well, my mind was recently changed during a class on poetry at the Writer’s Center. The instructor focused on those very things and I was impressed. Plus, it’s often the things we avoid from which we can learn the most. I think it’s time for to me to stretch myself and learn. So while I’m experimenting with such things, they might not be exactly… top quality. But that’s okay! It’s still fun to do.

Fourth, it feels nice to see them on here and share them with you. There is a lot of rejection on the journey of getting work published. It feels good to say yes to myself, even on this small scale.

So I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy writing and posting them.

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