Orphic First Draft Hits 25,000 Words

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I’ve written (more than) 25,000 words of Orphic! That means I’m a quarter of the way through my first draft.

I’m anticipating a total manuscript word count of 100,000 words (which I’ve updated from 75,000 on here my website). So, 25,000 words means that I should be at the First Plot Point, which is that magical point of no return for your story’s characters. I’m not quite¬†there (I’m about three scenes away), but I also over-write so it’s not unexpected.

In other good news, you may have also noticed the count for my Submit x 100 Challenge increased last week. I sent some poetry out to two literary magazines last week with some meager hope for publication. Well, I firmly expect to be rejected from one, at least, as it’s very discerning. But that’s okay–publication, while nice, isn’t entirely the point of this self-posed challenge. Getting familiar with the submission process, getting used to sending my work out and, frankly, getting used to rejection are the bigger, more important goals.

So, there’s plenty to celebrate this week. I hope your February is going well and your writing is sparkling!

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