You Should See This #2

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I missed posting last week on account of being extremely pregnant (read: tired). So I’m hoping to give you two posts this week. Here’s the first, another collection of interesting things I’ve found around the internet.

Before the good stuff, I’ll share some brief writing news. I recently penned a finish to a short story (yay!) and came to realize what I had suspected for a bit–it was actually a love story wrapped inside a mystery. It was also a story that I cared a lot about and one which I feel motivated to revise (that’s not always the case). Revision is daunting, however. It’s not something I’m well-versed in. I’m more familiar with teeth-pulling experience of getting the words out and by the end I feel so emotionally exhausted that I wash my hands of it. So, it’s exciting, is what I’m saying.

My writing club is about to start out next round of Hit Submit, which is something I look forward to. I always get good, quality feedback and I feel obligated enough to actually put something out. I can tell I’m growing as a writer with it. What’s more is that I’ll be running one of the groups this year. Fun!

Anyway, on to the meat and potatoes.


“Most of us wait for night/to write FUCK YOU on a clean patch of asphalt.”

Self-Portrait with Cable News, Graffiti, Weather by Jehanne Dubrow in Copper Nickel.

“the carolina/reaper is named the carolina reaper because/it was first bred in south carolina & the sensation/of eating it is like death.”

the carolina reaper” by Patrick Kindig in Shenandoah.

You might call us / cyborgs but / our augmentation / is mostly / flesh

Autologous Transplant” by Nisa Malli in Strange Horizons.


Urban dwellers don’t have to tolerate car-choked streets where pedestrian deaths in the U.S. are sharply on the rise. People don’t have to huff lung and heart-damaging car pollution in perpetuity. The U.S. transportation sector doesn’t have to be the nation’s largest emitter of heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

Car bans: Your city could be next by Mark Kaufman for Mashable.

While Mark begrudgingly indulges Leslie’s harebrained schemes, Ben wholeheartedly supports her and makes serious personal sacrifices because he believes in her, sometimes more than she believes in herself.

In Praise of the Shrew: On Leslie Knope Finding Love by Molly McGowan for Rogues Portal.


Game Chops – Zelda & Chill on YouTube.

Feardog – MINECRAFT & CHILL 寛げる on YouTube.

Photo by Mr TT on Unsplash

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