Happy Thanksgiving, 2018!

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Thanksgiving 2018 has arrived! It’s that special time of year again–time to gather round those you love and give thanks. I sure have plenty to be thankful for this year. Here are some of the things I’m grateful for, in no special order.

Novel in 6

This year I got to know some really great writers in the area who helped me outline and start working on my novel, even as I helped them. Participating in Novel in 6 was an awesome experience–so much so that we have continued to talk and write with each other. I’m so grateful for everything that I got out of this experience. Long live License to Quill! 


I’m grateful to old and new friends who shared their lives and time with me this year. You make my life richer and so much more fun!


At this point in my life, my family is fairly spread out and we don’t always get to see each other as much as we might prefer. So, this year I was again so grateful that my sister and her family were close enough to see on a regular basis. And I can’t wait to visit my mom and dad this winter!

I’m also grateful for the love of my mother-in-law and her family, who have supported us in innumerable ways over the years, and provided us with some truly rocking food.

My husband

LE and her husband in portrait

I’m eternally grateful for my loving and supportive husband. Thanks for everything you do–you make my life a beautiful adventure!

This Thanksgiving, I hope you take a moment to think of the things you are grateful. I hope that you find more than you can count! 

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  1. I’m glad you had so many wonderful things to be thankful for this year…and had the time for remembrance. It’s a worthwhile thing to do…taking the time to think about how lucky we truly are. Like, being born in this era and in America…with indoor plumbing, air conditioning, plenty of food, freedoms, beer & ribs! 😉 And you’re one of the many things I’m so thankful for. Love you & can’t wait for your visit!

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